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Arisugawa Park, Hiroo

Arisugawa Park (有栖川宮記念公園) in Hiroo is one of my kids’ favorite parks in Tokyo. It has been recently Arisugawa Park renewed with some easier to stroll pathways and a new child, baby and wheelchair friendly bathroom.

Arisugawa Park It is built into a hill, so it has several tiers –  there is a wooded area at the bottom with streams, waterfalls, bridges and a pond. On a tier above, there is a large plaza with an adjacent children’s playground and on the other side of that, is the Tokyo Metropolitan Library.  On you enter Arisugawa Park you really feel like you have left central Tokyo. Pick-up a picnic lunch at National Azabu or one of the local bakeries and wonder the paths, bubbling streams, and playground. There is also a great open ground space if you want to play soccer or frisbee with the kids. The park is also very popular with dog owners in the early morning.

Arisugawa Park Arisugawa Park Playground has the following equipment

Slides – mini slide for 1-3 year and larger for bigger kids
Swings – swinging tire, baby swings and big swings
Jungle Jim
Spring Riders
Large Sandbox

Arisugawa Park DetailsArisugawa Park

Address: 5-7-29 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku (港区南麻布5-7-29) Google Map
Phone: 03-3583-4151
Website: http://www.arisugawa-park.jp/index.php
A 2 minute walk from Hiroo Station (Hibiya Subway Line). Turn left out of Exit 1 and immediately left again. Turn left at the end of the street. Arisugawa Park is across from National Azabu.

Arisugawa Park

Arisugawa Park

Arisugawa Park

Arisugawa Park







Wikipedia History of Arisugawa Park

During the Edo period, the park belonged to Minonokami Nambu, a feudal lord from the former Morioka Domain who used it as an urban villa. In 1896, it was acquired by the Arisugawa-no-miya line of the Imperial family, and then in 1913 it was passed on to the Prince Takamatsu line. Out of a great personal interest in promoting children’s health and education about nature, Prince Takamatsu donated 36,325 square metres of land to Tokyo for use as a park on January 5, 1934, the anniversary of the death of Prince Arisugawa Taruhito. The city immediately began construction and the Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park was opened on November 17, 1934. After having expanded to include Azabu Baseball Field and tennis courts, the park’s total area is currently 67,131 square metres. In 1975, administration for the park was given over to Minato ward where it remains today.


Arisugawa Park


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