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F&F Natural Food Store – 15 locations in Tokyo

F&F Natural Food Store

F&F is a natural food store with 15 locations in Tokyo and 2 in Kanagawa. They carry fresh, pesticide-free vegetables, quality Japanese rice, super foods like Hemp & Chia seeds, additive-free seasonings, homemade lunch boxes and breads, household items and organic baby food, snacks and rice cereal. F&F receives their produce direct …

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Pokemon Game Center & Store, Yokohama

*** 2019 UPDATE: The Pokemon Center Mega moved to the 8th Floor in the Marui next to Sogo at Yokohama Station.*** If your child is a Pokemon fan we recommend a quick trip to Landmark Tower in Yokohama. Although the store is a smaller version of the Pokemon Center Mega …

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10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen

10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen When you have little ones, it’s strange how things just seem to disappear!  Sure, you can get baby and toddler goods online or at retailers like Akachan Honpo, but not to be overlooked is the 100 yen shop. Japan’s 100 yen …

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10 Best Japanese Items For A Toddler

10 Best Japanese Items For A Toddler My daughter just turned 15 months old not too long ago, and it’s still a shock having a “toddler” in my care. Luckily for me, my sister-in-law, who is a mom of 2, has been there to help me on my journey. She’s …

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Guide to Buying Your Child’s First Balance Bike in Japan

Buying a First Balance Bike for Your Child? Is your child ready for his or her first bicycle? Get your child riding confidently and safely with the right two-wheeler. There are a number of different features on balance bikes to consider; weight, size, tire type, and brakes. We listed the top 5 bikes foreign mothers purchased, …

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10 Baby Proofing Items You Need In Your Japanese Home

10 Baby Proofing Items You Need In Your Japanese Home We love to watch our babies grow and explore their surroundings, but we don’t often realize what’s dangerous until they’ve gotten their little hands and months on something! Baby proofing items are called itazura boushi guzzu (イタズラ防止グッズ) and you can …

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Inflammation and Hives from Kemushi (Caterpillars)

If you have curious kids who love bugs then tell them to stay away from this one, the hairy caterpillar/kemushi. Take care to avoid these “hairy” caterpillars as they have developed hairs or sharp spines that are capable of transmitting various toxins causing inflammation and hives on the skin. In most cases direct …

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Guide to Rice Cookers in Japan

Guide to Rice Cookers in Japan Rice is the staple of the Japanese diet and there’s no shortage of rice cookers (炊飯器 | すいはんき | suihanki) on the market that aim to make modern-day cooking as efficient as possible. This guide will walk you through the basic functions of a …

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Easter Goods in Japan

Finding Easter Goods in Japan can be quite the challenge with limited quantities which sell out quickly. Easter is Sunday, April 1st so hop to it! We completed a store check yesterday (March 12th) and found Easter goodies including chocolate bunnies, eggs, and jelly beans available at the stores listed …

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Buying Menstrual Hygiene Products in Japan

Buying Menstrual Hygiene Products in Japan You have a variety of options when it comes to shopping for sanitary napkins and other menstrual hygiene products in Japan. Known as seiri shoriyou hin in Japanese (生理処理用品 /しりしょりようひん), you’ll find napkins, cloth napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups in Japan. Brands To Know …

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Shopping Online in Japan

Considering our modern busy lifestyles and the prevalence of technology, it’s no wonder that many of us gravitate towards shopping online. But, shopping online in Japan can be very different that what you’re used to. In this guide, we’ll take a look at online shopping in Japan, major retailers, shipping …

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Guide to Point Cards in Japan – How to Earn and Redeem Points

Guide to Point Cards in Japan - How to Earn and Redeem Points

Guide to Point Cards in Japan – How to Earn and Redeem Points Go shopping anywhere in Japan, and you’re bound to be asked: Do you have a point card? (ポイントカードはお持ちですか?/ぽいんとかーどはおもちですか?/pointo ka-do wa omochi desu ka?) You might think that point cards take up valuable real estate in your wallet. But, …

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Take-no-Megumi, Azabu – Japanese Bamboo Crafts

The Japanese bamboo crafts at Take-no-Megumi in Moto Azabu are simple but so beautiful.  This wonderful little shop in Moto Azabu that has been in business for over 40 years. The founding family of Take-no-Megumi shop were originally manufacturers and wholesalers of bamboo products before opening their shop originally in …

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Inside Parents` Tokyo Winter Bags

We surveyed Japanese mums and listed the most common essentials to get through the day in Tokyo. The snacks, toys and lip balm vary and not pictured are everyday essentials; hat, gloves, sunglasses, and mini hot patches. Most products, aside from the stationary & legos, can be found at Japanese drugstores …

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Cuoca Jiyugaoka – Tokyo Baking Enthusiasts Dream Shop

Cuoca is a one-stop shop for baking supplies that aren’t always easy to find. Their stores are stocked high with everything from baking inserts and pans to sprinkles and toppers. They carry pastry tips and icing for making more detailed desserts, a variety of high-quality flours, nuts, dried fruits, liqueur …

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Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ) – A Cooks Budget Paradise

Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ)

We are busy building the new Best Living Japan Studio (Minami Azabu) which will be a professional cooking and seminar space for the Best Living Japan courses starting in January 2018. Our kitchen project lead us to Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ) which is a cooks budget paradise.  Tenpos Buster sells dishes and glassware, pots …

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Tsutaya Electrics Futakotamagawa – An Art and Technology Store

Tsutaya Electrics

Tsutaya Electrics in Futakotamagawa is my favorite place to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book with or without the kids while browsing their art, appliances, and home space. Located near the creative DIY Factory where you can learn, make, buy DIY products; the 100 Spoons Family Restaurant, Futakotamaga Park, Japanese …

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Preparing for Winter – Top 10 Japan Essentials

Winter is just around the corner. Wanted to share my curated recommendations on preparing for winter – 10 Items to make living in Japan more comfortable. Below are products that have excellent customer reviews in Amazon.co.jp, and are shipped for free immediately from Amazon.  If you have your recommendations, please …

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