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Read our Travel with Kids within Japan GUIDE for all the best places to go and see with kids

Travel with Kids within Japan

Traveling With Babies and Toddlers – The Essentials

Traveling With Babies and Toddlers – The Essentials The holidays are here – are you ready? For many of us, the upcoming holidays mean travel. Whether you’re traveling within Japan or internationally, going by car, plane, train or boat, you want to make sure you have everything when traveling with …

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Top 10 Japan Apps – For Expats or Tourists in Japan

Top 10 Japan APPs, Best Living Japan

We polled the Best Living Japan community to learn about what top 10 Japan Apps they use daily on their Japanese mobile phones. Navigation, translation, eating and more, find out what Apps Tokyo Expats can’t live without. Highly recommended for those traveling to Japan to make their trip more enjoyable. …

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GALA Yuzawa Resort, Niigata – Ski & Snowboard Lessons from Age 4

GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort is one of the most convenient snow resorts to visit with little ones outside Tokyo. It`s a 75-min shinkansen ride (Max-Tanigawa or the Tanigawa) from Tokyo station and the train drops you off right inside the base of the GALA Yuzawa Resort making it ultra convenient if traveling with small …

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10 Best English and Japanese Baby Apps for Parents

Let’s face it- we’ve got our work cut out for us as parents. We hope this list of 10 Best English and Japanese Baby Apps for Parents helps you our. Finding the perfect work-life balance as well as finding time to take care of ourselves, we’re also responsible for the well-being …

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Hakone a 36-Hour Romantic Escape

Hakone Open-Air Museum, Hakone a 36-Hour Romantic Escape

Hakone is a perfect location for a 36-hour romantic escape from Tokyo. Hubby and I had the luxury of leaving our four kids at home and running away for part of the weekend. If you are looking for a quick getaway for fresh air, onsens, great food, lovely accommodations and …

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Iijima Flower Garden (Kanagawa) – Strawberry and Vegetable Picking

Iijima Flower Garden is a quaint farm centrally located in Kanagawa. They offer 30 minute all-you-can-eat strawberries that are pesticide-free. Picking is at ground or planter levels. They also offer 13 other types of fruits and vegetable picking over the year. Strawberries (Jan-May), Cabbage (Dec-May), Daikon (Nov-April), Carrots & Turnips (Nov-Mar), Sweet Potatoes …

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Top Things to do in Guam with Kids

Guam is a small island in Micronesia in the Western Pacific with breath-taking sceneries, exotic beaches, numerous activities and duty-free shopping. A short 3.5 hour flight from Tokyo Narita Airport Guam makes an ideal 3-day weekend trip with the family. Here are our Top Things to do in Guam with …

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Katre Bistro – A Hidden Gem in the heart of Hagatna, Guam

Katre Bistro

Katre Bistro is a must try if visiting Guam. Located in the heart of Hagatna, Guam this unassuming bistro serves delicious mediterranean cuisine with asian flare that is beautifully presented. Chef and owner Roxs Cailao is a veteran chef who has served as the executive chef at the Sheraton and Renaissance Hotels and …

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Onward Beach Resort, Guam – Great Value Resort

If you`re looking for a family-friendly 3-day retreat with blue seas and waterpark visit Onward Beach Resort in Guam. A short 3.5 hour flight from Narita Airport the Onward Beach Resort offers a great deal on their resort package. It includes free access to their popular Waterpark and Marine Club, beach, hotel pool, …

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Niseko Childcare BabySitter Services

Niseko Childcare BabySitter Services - Winter 2016/2017

Niseko is a great family ski resort in Hokkaido Japan, but all parents need a break so check out these top Niseko Childcare Babysitter Services. This list of four services is updated for the winter season 2016/2017. Niseko Childcare BabySitter Services – Winter 2016/2017 #1. Snow Babies Niseko – Snow …

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Club Med Ishigaki, Okinawa – The Perfect Family Getaway

If you are looking for a quick, carefree weekend trip to enjoy white beaches and blue seas visit Club Med Ishigaki, Okinawa. Only a three-hour flight from Tokyo, Club Med Kabira Beach Ishigaki Okinawa (石垣島カビラクラブメッド) offers an all-inclusive vacation package that`s great for families. The package includes buffet-style breakfast, lunch …

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Katsuyama Port Beach, Chiba

Katsuyama Port Beach is a quiet beach located a 1.5 hour drive from central Tokyo. It has a good stretch of sand, a dock for fishing, a few cement breakers, clean shower / restroom facilities, and on a clear day, a view of Mt. Fuji. We took a day trip to …

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The Fly-Tot: A Brilliant Solution for Long Flights with Kids

Taking long-haul flights with kids is a challenge. Getting them to sleep comfortably on an overnight flight is a struggle. Welcome the Fly-Tot, a brilliant solution to help children stretch out and sleep comfortably on long haul flights. What is it? The Fly-Tot is an inflatable cushion that allows your …

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Karuizawa, Nagano – Our Favorite Family Mountain Getaway

Karuizawa, Nagano is a beautiful mountain resort a 1 hr Shinkansen ride from Tokyo. Step off the train, take in the gorgeous mountain views, and enjoy the numerous activities Karuizawa has to offer from outdoor sports, onsens, shopping, play areas, food and more. Shopping is concentrated at the Karuizawa Prince Shopping …

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Fukushima – Support Through Sightseeing

Fukushima, View from Hekizantei in Dake Onsen

Support Fukushima through Sightseeing! Although life has returned to normal for most people living in Fukushima, tourists are still avoiding the prefecture.  Radiation levels are no higher than any average city in the world, but ignorance still keeps many people from visiting and many sightseeing spots are barely surviving. For travelers who …

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How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag

Toddler Travel Bag

If you have a toddler and are traveling soon, empower your toddler to be independent by pulling their travel bag, here are some tips on How to Pack a Toddler Travel Bag.  Our four year old started carrying her travel bag (carry-on) travel bags last year, and responsibly pulled it …

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F-Dream Kart Racing (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa)

F-dream hiratsuka

Kart Racing at F-Dream Hiratsuka” (F.ドリーム平塚) is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and test your kart racing skills. Located just an hour from Tokyo Roppongi Hills it`s a popular spot to unwind and compete with friends and family. F-Dream Hiratsuka karts run on a 200cc engine, and can go …

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Tips for Surviving Japan’s Rainy Season with Kids

Whether a first time or veteran mom, surviving rainy season in Japan can be a challenge with public transport and strollers. Below are some great tips and product recommendations to make your life a bit easier. Just remember, it will stop raining soon. Check our Japan protection guides on mosquitos, sunscreen and heat. Tips …

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Mount Gozaisho Ropeway and Hiking Trails, Mie


Mount Gozaisho (御在所岳) in Mie is a popular location for hiking, offers beautiful panoramic views year-round of the Suzuka Mountain Range between the Mie and Shiga Prefectures and is a popular tourist attraction year round. Visitors can view the Azaleas in Spring, Red Dragonflies in Summer, White-capped mountains in Winter …

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Rent an Airbnb or Not? – Learnings from Tokyo

Are you planning a vacation soon and wondering whether to rent an Airbnb or not? As an Airbnb traveler and host here is my advice. What is Airbnb? Airbnb is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodgings – a consumer to consumer marketplace. It has over 1,500,000 …

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Top 10 things to do in Kauai with Kids

We spent the Winter Holiday in Sunny Poipu, Kauai – the northernmost island in the Hawaiin Island, otherwise known as `The Garden Isle`. It was breathtaking. We snorkeled and body surfed at numerous beaches, rode the Kauai Plantation Railway, visited one of the beautiful national gardens, saw whales, beached Hawaiin …

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