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Gluten Free Cooking Classes

Join one of our Gluten Free Cooking Classes if someone in you family has a gluten intolerance? Are you interested in learning to find easy delicious gluten free recipes to make for your family? Are you finding it difficult to choose gluten free safe ingredients while shopping here in Japan? You will learn how to shop for the correct ingredients and gain hands on experience cooking delicious meals. All Gluten Free Cooking Classes are 7,500 JPY + 8% JP Consumption tax, and include lunch.Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for August-December 2018 courses.

2018 September-December Gluten Free Cooking Classes

Gluten Free Japanese Cooking, TempuraMON. September 3


Gluten Free Japanese Cooking
Menu: Tempura, Homemade Udon (made from rice flour),
Two Types of Udon Soup
MON. September 24


Gluten Free Thai Cooking

Menu: Red Curry with Chicken, Beef Salad, and Mango Sticky Rice

Gluten Free Cooking Classes, Best Living Japan StudioMON. October 15


Gluten Free Japanese Cooking

Menu:Gyoza (Japanese potstickers, including homemade wrappers),
Karaage (Japanese deep fried chicken), Miso Soup, White Rice
Gluten Free Japanese Cooking Class, Okonomiyaki, Best Living JapanMON. November 19


Gluten Free Japanese Cooking

Menu: Okonomiyaki, Mochi Pizza, Butter Baked Japanese Mushrooms,

Cream Filled Mochi


Instructors: Yuki Suzuki (Japanese Cooking), Jeannine Law-Smith (South East Asian Cooking), Cristina Shimizu (Italian Cooking), Amya Miller (Desserts), Adele Grosset (French Cooking), Raquel Faria e Maia (Plant Based Cooking).

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