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Komatsuna Recipes – Spring Shun

Komatsuna, Japanese mustard spinach, is most delicious and economical in March and can be used in many delicious recipes. Although Komatsuna is called Japanese mustard spinach, I have not found it to taste much like mustard. Try it yourself!

What is Komatsuna? – Komatsuna (コマツナ(小松菜)) or Brassica rapa is a leaf vegetable from the same family of turnip, mizuna, napa cabbage, and rapini. It is packed full of calcium and vitamin A! Komatsuna is mostly consumed in Japan and Taiwan where it is stir-fried, pickled, boiled, added to soups or used fresh in salads. Japanese komatsuna is translated as “small pine tree greens”. Komatsuna can be eaten at any stage of growth but is best at peak in spring, since they do not sustain heat or cold well.

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Komatsuna delicious and easy recipes!

Eat in season for maximum nutrition and value!

801640Asian inspired mustard greens – This recipe is a simple stir-fry that anyone can cook in less than five mins. Delicious sesame and soy dressing.

photoKomatsuna and Bacon Stir-fri – One of my kids favorite due to the bacon, but also a great way to get a lot more calcium into the kids.


recipe_greensmoothie1-1Beginner Friendly Smoothie – Komatsuna, banana, apple and kiwi – yum, yum, healthy. Also, love this website.


photo-1Tuna and Komatsuna Pasta – Ok, I know this may sound a bit iffy, but it is actually quite delicious.


f2f86cbe1aab59c661bd5d40b64e05daSteamed Japanese cakes –  I love Japanese mushi-pan. Follow the recipe at this link for the cheese and corn sushi-pan, but replace the cheese and corn with one cup of Komatsuna you have run through your food processor. The cakes are sweet, moist and need no frosting!

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Komatsuna Recipes – Seasonal Cooking


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