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Nashi Japanese Pear

Nashi Japanese Pear – In Season Now – Best Recipes

Nashi Japanese Pears are one of my favorite fruits in Japan. Crisp and juicy they are in season from August to October in Japan. Although on the outside Nashi look like green apples, on the inside they are crisp juicy pears. Super high in fiber, low in calories (one large Nashi has about 120 calories) and packed full of micronutrients. Great pealed, slice and eaten chilled or diced and chopped to be added to desserts, salads or main dishes. Persimmons are also in peak season from October – December; check out these recipes.

Nashi Japanese Pear – In Season Now – Best Nashi Recipes

I have tested close to 20 Nashi Japanese Pear recipes the last week and this these are by far my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

 1. Chilled Peeled Nashi – Simple is best. Chill the nashi in the fridge for a few hours, then peel and slice. My kids can eat these all day. Juicy and crisp. Perfect on a hot day.


Nashi Japanese Pear2. Nashi Crumble Muffins – I love muffins. My favorite place for muffins in Tokyo is City Bakery in Hiroo. When I do have time I love to make muffins and these are moist and delicious. Great in nashi season. Here is a great recipe from Taste.com

Nashi Japanese Pear



3. Poached Cinnamon Nashi Pears – Super easy to make and perfect with ice-cream. This is the perfect dessert served hot off the store or cooled. Recipe on HealthyFoodGuide.com


Nashi-arrugola-salad-124. Nashi Pear, Rocket and Perconio Romano Salad In Honey-Lemon Vinaigrette – An easy and light summer salad. Any kind of hard cheese works well in this salad; it does not need to be served with Perconio cheese. The honey-lemon vinaigrette is amazing. Recipe from ChefsPencil.com

Japanese nashi



5. Baked Nashi Pear – Perfect on a cool early autumn evening or for breakfast! You can really stuff and bake with any ingredients that your family enjoys. Recipe from AtDownUnder.com


6. Roasted Pork with Nashi Stuffing – An amazing family meal on Sunday night. If you can not Nashi stuffed Pork Loinfind a port loin you can make the stuffing and place in roasting pan with Pork Chops.  Recipe from NashiAustralia.com


Japanese pear cake7. Asian Pear Upside Down Cake – If you are looking for an easy cake with ingredients that all Japanese supermarkets sell here it is. This Nashi Cake is moist and very tasty but not too sweet. Try it! Recipe from MyKitchenSnippets.com


Asian Pear Pie8. Asian Pear Pie – Love that I can have a juicy pie in August filled with crispy moist Nashi. This pie is so good you will wish Nashi were available all year long. Recipe from BettyCrocker.com

Nashi Japanese Pear – In Season Now – Best Nashi Recipes


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