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VR Park Tokyo Shibuya

VR Park Tokyo (Shibuya) – Virtual Realty Games and Thrills for 7+ Years

The VR Park Tokyo located near Shibuya Station is an excellent VR Park for people on a schedule. You can reserve your spot for 110 mins of an unlimited experience of action fighting and thrill sports games. We arrived at 10:00 and were second in line to buy tickets on a Monday a.m.  You can also buy online. The VR Park Tokyo allows about 25 people in for each 110 min slot so were never had to wait long to try a game, and got to do all the games at least once. You have to enter 20 minutes before your time for a safety overview. If you are looking for a fun activity at night with teens, this place is one of our recommendations.

VR Park TokyoVR Park Tokyo – Virtual Realty Games and Thrills for 7+ Years

– The VR Park manages the number of people who enter, so you only usually have one couple in front of you
– We got to try all eight games in our time slot of 110 mins
– Free non-alcoholic drinks – you will work up a sweat
– All of the action games are multiplayer so you can play with your partner
– Our favorite three games were Circle of Saviors, Salamon’s Carpet and Panic Mansion
– Favorite thrill games was the Kaiji tight walk – we both died very quickly.
– Bungy Jump was not scary and I really enjoyed the ride!
– Located about 8 mins from Shibuya station on foot. Plenty of places to grab some food afterwards.VR Park Tokyo

– The seats of the driving game are a bit small for some hips :-).
– The flying VR machine is not recommended for people who have a weak up body, or are over 30% BMI (don’t know the actually amount but this is workout).

– Show up early at 10:00, or reserve your tickets online.
– Dont eat or drink a lot before you go – seriously wondering how many people have lost it with some of the VR games.
– There are lockers and toilets at the VR Park.
– Wear easy to remove shoes – you may need to take off at some games.
– Have an action plan about what game you want to try more than once – go there first!

VR Park TokyoVR Park Tokyo (Shibuya) Details
Address: 4F KN Building, 13-11 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (google map)
Hours: 10:00 – 23:45 everyday
Access: 8 min walk from Shibuya Station
Cost: Between 2,900  – 3,300 JPY depending on season and online or off tickets purchase
Website: http://www.adores.jp/vrpark/en/

VR Park Tokyo VR Park Tokyo


VR Park Tokyo – Virtual Realty Games and Thrills for 7+ Years



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